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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

When you create new business projects or if you are engaged in active projects, you may face with issues to be tackled and thus need immediate actions. Our Company is ready to help you.

Frequently, organization of work in Russia is hampered by specific civil and tax legislation, some nuances and other features related to carrying on business. All of that may cause a number of negative factors, e.g.: it is impossible to check a great many documents in bookkeeping, you are under incomprehension of whether all taxes are optimized, are there any mistakes in the documents made unintentionally, or legislative innovation is missed; total absence of any control system.

Our Company is forward to assist you and offer legal and audit services package allowing carrying on business more efficiently and cost-effective:

  • Business planning.
  • Financial analysis of companies.
  • On-line consulting on issues related to civil and tax legislation.
  • To prepare all types of contracts protecting the interests of investors and managers of business projects.
  • To prepare and/or register the companies in the territory of Russia, in any legal forms effectively appropriate for the business.
  • Expert evaluation of contracts in force (concerning compliance of applicable legislation) and protection optimization for investors and managers.
  • To protect the interests of investors and managers in state authorities of the Russian Federation: arbitration and civil courts, fiscal authorities (police), tax service.
  • Bookkeeping and tax accounting of the companies registered and acting in the territory of the Russian Federation, allowing to save on personnel of the companies and expenses for bookkeeping considerably.
  • Auditing of the companies registered and acting in Russia, allowing for investors and managers to see “transparent” business, and be insured against different mistakes.
  • To optimize business processes allowing to resolve tax optimization issues of the companies, and protection against dishonest business rivals.

Our complete cycle service technology make business projects more comprehensible and “transparent” for the investors and manages, create favorable conditions for a reliable and more effective management.

Flexible price policy of our Company allows avoiding one-time large money flows by our clients. Thus, we provide monthly fee for our services (safe for bookkeeping and auditing) from 500 to 3000 Euro.

The price for the work carried out by our specialists is considerably lower than the average market price, and is from 50 to 80 Euro per hour.

The price of complete bookkeeping (including protection of accounting documentation in tax authorities) is from 400 to 2500 Euro.

The price of auditing (including auditing report) is from 800 to 5000 Euro.

However, our Company does not have any fixed price-list. We use individual approach to each our client, and the working price is defined individually as well.

AC “BAU-Consult” has been acting since 2002. We have laid the base for and then strengthened the principles of equal partnership among our specialists and clients. We have developed our own methods of work organization with our client allowing to protect his interests and business interests effectively. As we have mentioned, we use individual approach to each our client. Confidentiality and independence, competence and quality control in performance are integral parts of our professional ethics. The reputation of the independent company, experience and knowledge of our specialists, and high quality of the services – this is the recipe for further development and reliability of our Company.

AC “BAU-Consult” has been a corporate member of Moscow Audit Chamber since 2004, and of the Institute of Professional Accountants of Russia (IPAR, which in turn is a member of the International Federation of Accountants) since 2005. We have our own representative offices (representatives) in Belgorod, Saint Petersburg, and Stockholm.

Auditing activity of the Company is confirmed by the license dated by June 25, 2002 and issued by the order No.123 from the Russian Ministry of Finance, and is insured in the “Spasskie Vorota” insurance group.

Major Russian companies (Group of Companies “KhimInvest”, Group of Companies “KomEnergo), and foreign companies (Leuchten Manufactur Wurzen GmbH, Germany) having long and successful activity in the market, and relatively small companies, are among our clients.

Besides, we will help to organize business in the proper way for nascent firms, as just first-time entrepreneurs need competent and comprehensive consultations.

Thank you for your attention and acquaintance with our commercial proposal. We will be gratified to share our knowledge and experience with you.

If you are interested in our proposal, please inform us, and we will answer your questions with pleasure, whether they are related to the work as a whole, or any issue being of your interest.

Our Internet address: www.bauconsult.ru

Yours sincerely,

General Director, AC “BAU-Consult”

Nikolay Petrukhin