Bookkeeping, accounting

Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing are the most demanded services in the outsourcing market of Moscow and other large cities of the Russian Federation. They allow you to save in reality your money and time.

  • Accounting supervision and maintenance including bookkeeping and permanent control of correctness of all financial procedures are on demand in many different business segments. For example, for an individual entrepreneur or a small company, external auditing is an opportunity to save on bookkeeping maintenance, and, in addition, to provide a guaranteed high level of all operations.
  • For middle-size companies, it is a standard to create one accounting department for all organizations (finally leading to a separate subsidiary accounting firm), or to involve outsourcing accounting firms. The advantages of such a method are clear: each individual manager does not have to care of bookkeeping that allows to concentrate entirely on optimal carrying on business. Contacting AC “BAU-Consult” will give you a confidence in the work quality, absence of claims from the tax office, and uninterrupted bookkeeping even in case of illness of a certain employee or a number of force majeure circumstances. 
  • For large companies acting with the help of multiple branch and representative network, or using franchise schemes, bookkeeping outsourcing is crucially important. Besides guaranteed steadiness it allows to reduce considerably expenses for management of large structures, and take out many duties from the directorate representatives. The point is that standard bookkeeping requires rooms, equipment, software, expendable materials, cleaning, and many other things. In fact, up to 20% of logistic and management system of the company may be spent just for bookkeeping support. Many managers understand that it is reasonable to use the resources for more active marketing policy, and save the expenditure costs.

Audit, auditing services

Auditing is another in-demand kind of services. Auditing services are required in many situations.

Primary reasons to work with an audit company are:

  • getting a guarantee of correct preparation of accounting (financial) statements;
  • auditing of company business by investors and external managers; 
  • auditing of business by an audit company in order to optimize the company activity; 
  • a guarantee of “smooth” period when changing the personnel at the key positions.

Audit company will help you in protecting yourself against dishonest personnel, to have an accurate report on company situation, and, if it is necessary, to provide the information about company situation to partners and investors. The latter is essential: in fact, such profession as an auditor has been created just for the purpose that partners may have an opportunity to assess each other’s business by independent experts.

As of today, an audit company is required when making deals with the company's participation, e.g. when purchasing or selling of business. Auditor’s services allow making very accurate assessment of each aspect of a particular company operation, and potential variants of development of the situation.

Services of auditing companies are essential when making a long-term business plan. The auditor will provide you with accurate data and conclusions on situation development that will help you to take precautions in advance to avoid many problems.

According to European analysts’ estimate, pay-back of professional auditing services is up to 500% that is considered a very profitable investment.

Tax planning, tax consulting

Is the way of financial and economical activity of the entity when the company uses all legal possibilities and instruments for optimization and minimization of tax burden. One of the most important factors to be taken into account is the fact that such the optimization covers all expenses for its organization or creation. All the rules of using Tax planning are here.

As of today, in our opinion, use and introduction of Tax planning to financial and economic activity of the company is necessary for each enterprise in the Russian Federation, starting from an ordinary individual entrepreneur and stopping at large companies. For one company Tax planning is limited by the choice of a taxation system, for other companies it is an integral part of financial planning of the company. Absence of Tax planning may retard the company development due to heavy tax burden, if not bankrupt the company. Savings received from introducing Tax planning may be spent to current assets replenishment which the company in its turn may spend for company development (increase/improvement of facilities; marketing improvement; attraction of more experienced personnel, etc.).

Tax planning is a hidden resource not used by your company for its development and improvement.

Legal consulting

Legal and loyal issues are integral parts of any company activity. We are ready to provide you with professional high-quality comprehensive services on legal consulting: starting from registration of the company and ending at representation of interests in Arbitration Court and Inspectorate of Federal Tax Department.

Correctly and perfectly made documents give an opportunity to feel yourself more protected and confident, when discussing issues or points with counterparties or a fiscal authority.

Assessment activity

As of today, assessment services in Russia are one of the “young” and dynamically developing kinds of services. It is notable that legislator extends year by year the area for assessors’ activity; and Russia has yet a high potential for development of this kind of service.

Today, principal assessment tasks are: purchase-and-sales deals, government property deals, market value determination in case of damage and succession, at reorganization and bankruptcy of the company, assessment of capital contributions in kind, and, increasingly developing area is the assessment for taking management decisions.

Why is an assessment report necessary and who needs it?

  1. assessment report gives a maximally accurate figure of the most probable market value of the property and other proprietary rights involved in the civil turnover.
  2. availability of the assessment report increases attraction and transparency of the company for potential investors.
  3. assessment report combined with the auditing statement helps the directorate of your company to be highly aware of the current situation, and to take the most proper decisions in carrying on business.
  4. assessment report in some cases is very convincing, and at times a decisive argument in upholding of your interests in the court.
  5. when transferring property for pledge, availability of the assessment report is frequently an obligatory requirement of credit institutions in receipt and further support of credits, credit lines, letters of credit, etc.

There are many points for assessment, and we have given only the most common of them in the Russian practice. Based on the given task, the value type (market, investment, liquidation, and cadastral) to be calculated in the report is defined.

However, it is necessary to note that each specific assessment case is unique in its way, and requires an individual approach both to the client and to the assessment process itself.